Progressive Preschool Magazine


Progressive Preschool magazine is a totally unique trade press publication. As the only cross-category trade publication covering the preschool sector, Progressive Preschool Magazine is sent to a circulation of 8,744 in print, plus a further 17,492 in digital format.

Our team have decades of industry experience across toy, nursery, gift, apparel, licensing – and everything in-between. We use this knowledge to offer product suppliers what they really need – a chance to reach their entire possible buying audience, not just the same retailers they already know.

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We really understand what you need to achieve – but we also know that ‘doing the same again’ is not the route to growth… just ask our advertisers:

“We had a great response from the advert we placed in PPS, with retailers ringing us as a directly as a result. We have now committed further to the magazine because of this.”
Skip Hop UK

Or, ask the retail buyers who rely on us:

“As a toy buyer, Progressive Preschool is good for understanding factors outside of purely toys that are influencing parents purchase decisions and preschoolers lives. Having a magazine that solely covers my target age group is a perk that many of my fellow buyers don’t have.”

Why use Progressive Preschool magazine?

The answer to this question is pretty simple – we can ensure your products and indeed your brand are seen by not only the retailers who you already deal with – but those who you should be.

Retailers are diversifying more than ever, and what you really want from advertising is new business . PPS is famed for delivering this.

When did your last trade advertisement make a real difference?

The choice is simple. Advertise to those you know already, or advertise to a brand new pool of retail buyers and build your business.

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