Tiny Love reveals that parents are feeling the pressure

New research from Dorel’s developmental toy brand Tiny Love reveals that today’s parents are the most worried generation yet when it comes to their babies’ development.

A nationwide study, commissioned by developmental baby toy brand Tiny Love, has revealed that parents are feeling the pressure more than ever when it comes to milestones such as first smiles, sitting and crawling.

Some 43% were so concerned that they admitting lying to friends and family about the children hitting milestones on schedule. Despite a logical consensus that they should not compare, seven out of ten parents said they felt anxious when other babies hit milestones before their own child, while nearly two-thirds (64%) said they knew of a ‘baby bragger’ who made them worry.

Reflecting the changes to parenting in the digtal era, 41% of parents put the heightened leve of anxiety down to false expectations generated by social media, while 67% blamed being able to google the slightest concern.

The study also revealed:

  • 28% of parents felt like they’d failed if their baby wasn’t sleeping through,
  • More than one in ten worried that their child hadn’t started babbling,
  • 15% admitted serious concerns about fine motor skills,
  • One in five were left panicking about their child’s first steps, and
  • More than half (56%) had even resorted to seeking medical attention to double-check their child’s development.

“Having a baby, especially the first time around, is wonderful but can be a worrying time for parents too,” said TV psychologist and spokesperson for Tiny Love, Emma Kenny . “In the digital era where comparison is part of everyday life, it’s hardly surprising that parents are feeling the pressure for their little ones to measure up.”

Debbie Wakefield, marketing manager for Tiny Love adds: “This research shows just how worried new parents feel about their babies’ development, and how much comparing goes on when it comes to hitting milestones. Being able to help your baby’s development is important, but it’s equally important not to panic about it.”

She continued: “At Tiny Love we are constantly creating new products to support baby development. The new Magical Tales range is designed to help parents encourage their little ones to reach those first milestones from day one.”

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