“Sustainability and the environment has always been at the heart of the Joolz philosophy…”

PreschoolNews.net speaks to Lindsay May, country manager for Joolz, to find out how 2019 has treated the designer pushchair brand so far and what’s in store for the rest of the year.

Are parents looking for the same qualities as they were a few years ago? What’s changed?

“Ultimately parents have always and will always want the best for their baby. However we have certainly noticed a significant change in consumers’ attitudes towards being more environmentally conscious when it comes to their baby purchases.”

How Joolz embraced the sustainability movement?

“Sustainability and the environment has always been at the heart of the Joolz philosophy, from our reusable packaging and Joolz Birth Forest, where we plant a tree for every Joolz pushchair sold, to our lifetime warranty. Our latest initiative – creating products using rPET fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles – means we’re moving one step at a time towards a brighter future.”

How does Joolz meet the demands of modern parents across the mobility market?

“Creating the best products while keeping parent, baby and the environment in mind, is something we are very passionate about. We call this Positive Design. Positive Design encompasses everything from ergonomic products and features for parent and baby, to design solutions for a more sustainable and conscious future.”

What is your hero product for 2019 and what is so special about it?

“At Joolz, we are continually thinking about design for the next generation. Our new Classic Blue material is made from sustainable fabrics, created from recycled plastic bottles. The 100% high twisted filament yarns have a high number of fibres, increasing the breathability of the fabric and providing a more comfortable feel. By making this choice, Joolz defines how we can have a more positive impact on the environment, giving everyone the chance to do things differently.

What new launches are you focusing on for 2019/2020?

“In addition to our Classic Blue sustainable option – part of the ‘New Looks’ range – we have also launched Marvellous Green. Our designers wanted to capture the colour green in a brand new light. It’s a very exciting time for Joolz, as in addition to these new sustainable fabrics we also have some very special launches planned for the remainder of 2019 and start of 2020…”

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