Snüzpod 4 is latest evolution of nursery favourite

Following last week’s launch of the Snüzpod 4, spoke to brand director Mark Nicholls, to find out more about the latest incarnation of the popular bedside crib.

Mark Head Shot
Snüz brand director Mark Nicholls

How different is the Snüzpod 4 to previous incarnations of the product?

Snüzpod 4 has been in development for nearly two years and has been designed and built from the ground upwards. We’re extremely proud of the final result!

We wanted to look at every single feature to ensure we would continue to provide the most comfortable, breathable and safe bedside crib on the market. We knew we didn’t need to change the design too much but took the opportunity to listen to customers and add several new innovative features to help parents and their babies get an even better nights sleep.”

How important is the new safety standard (BS EN 1130: 2019) and what changes did you have to make to the Snüzpod?

“As a responsible brand, all new standards are treated with the utmost importance. We decided to look at all the features to see what we could improve on while ensuring we met the new standard. There were two main additional requirements we had to meet; that there would be a 12cm barrier or wall between the crib and the adult’s mattress when in bedside mode and that the crib can be securely attached to the adult bed.

We also took the opportunity to increase the maximum height SnüzPod4 could reach in bedside mode (73cms), which is great for parents with taller beds which are simply not compatible with previous SnüzPod models or other bedside cribs.”

Are previous models still safe for parents to continue using?

“Yes, SnüzPod 3 conforms to the previous version of the safety standard (BS EN 1130:1996). The new SnüzPod 4 simply factors in the new design requirements and conforms fully to the new standard.”

The new ComfortAir system sounds like a key feature – can you tell us about it?

“The ComfortAir System offers unique surface-level air-flow vents, an air-permeable mesh liner and improved base ventilation which promotes increased air-flow in and around the crib. This helps provide a consistent, breathable environment that reflects the room’s temperature, aiding parents in helping them to regulate their baby’s temperature through recognised means such as the choice of clothing and the bedding used in the crib.”

What’s your favourite thing about the new model?

“As a father of four, I’m most excited about the extra ventiliation. Having used other less breathable cribs and moses baskets in the past, I’ve always been concerned about how ‘stuffy’ they can get, which made me question the type of bedding and clothing we should use and raised concerns about CO2 pooling. The ComfortAir system would have been a big reassurance!”

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